My Terminal Setup (Part 2)

I discovered a feel CLI tools that I was able to incorporate into my workflow and I'm really liking them.


tldr simplifies the man pages with practical examples that you can understand jut by glancing at it.

ripgrep (rg)

ripgrep as the name implies is a replacement for grep. They have a "Why should I use ripgrep?" section in their, I personally use it because:

  • by default it doesn't search files ignored by .gitignore. It also ignores hidden and binary files. For me, this is the desired behavior in 99% of my searches.
  • can search by specific types of files. For example, when searching for Sass instead of doing rg my-class -g '*.{scss.sass}' I can do: rg my-class -tsass. For a complete list of the supported types run rg --type-list.


bat is a replacement for cat. It has syntax highlighting and shows line numbers. I have an aliases replacing cat for bat.


delta is a syntax-highlighting pager for git/diff. It'll change the way you look at code diff.


fd aims to be faster and easier to use than find. (according to tldr)