How I Track My Gym Workouts

I use a combination of three plugins:

Exercise Tracker page

I have a page called Exercise Tracker where I display all the workout using DataView:

TABLE date_of_exercise as "Date", exercise as "Exercise", reps as "Reps", weight as "Weight"
FROM #workouts
WHERE file.folder != "templates"
SORT date_of_exercise DESC,
time_of_exercise DESC

This page also has a button to quickly add a new workout/exercise. Which should probably be renamed to Add Set.

name Add Exercise
type command
action QuickAdd: Add Exercise
color blue


Then I have a template with this content on my /templates folder.

date_of_exercise: {{DATE}}
time_of_exercise: {{TIME}}
exercise: '{{VALUE:Bench Press,Overhead Press,Inclined Bench Press,Squat,Chin Up,Pull Up, Romanian Deadlift, Calf Raises, Leg Raises, Deadlift, T-row, Curl, Close-Grip Bench Press, Lateral Raises}}'
reps: {{VALUE:📈 reps}}
weight: {{VALUE:🏋️‍♀️ weight}}


With QuickAdd I can configure a custom action that generates a new file using the template above. The file location is workouts/{{DATE:YYYYMMDD}}{{time:HHmm}}-{{VALUE}} and it opens modals for entering each value declared as VALUE: in the frontmatter.

What is good about it

The good thing about it is that for each set I do I have a note saying the date/time, number of reps, exercise, and weight. As a bonus I can use this note to add actual notes on how hard it was that particular exercise.