tldr is a CLI that offers examples for commands.

For instance:

tldr find

  Find files or directories under the given directory tree, recursively.
  More information:

  - Find files by extension:
    find root_path -name '*.ext'

  - Find files matching multiple path/name patterns:
    find root_path -path '**/path/**/*.ext' -or -name '*pattern*'

  - Find directories matching a given name, in case-insensitive mode:
    find root_path -type d -iname '*lib*'

  - Find files matching a given pattern, excluding specific paths:
    find root_path -name '*.py' -not -path '*/site-packages/*'

  - Find files matching a given size range, limiting the recursive depth to "1":
    find root_path -maxdepth 1 -size +500k -size -10M

  - Run a command for each file (use {} within the command to access the filename):
    find root_path -name '*.ext' -exec wc -l {} \;

  - Find files modified in the last 7 days:
    find root_path -daystart -mtime -7

  - Find empty (0 byte) files and delete them:
    find root_path -type f -empty -delete